Following the recent Fed hike, our #Founder and #ManagingMember @George Schultze joined @Jill Malandrino to discuss some #macro trends, including a continuing inverted yield curve and challenges in the banking sector, as well as distressed debt with an increase of #chapter11 filings this year. Watch the full interview at @Nasdaq Trade Talks: 


Joining @huangryan on Singapore’s Breakfast Show on @moneyfm893, our Founder & Managing Member George Schultze discusses the currently narrow market breadth, the Magnificent 7, and expectations for regional banks. More at: 


Our Founder and Managing Member @George Schultze discusses #DistressedInvesting, and why the best avenue for most #investors to take advantage of inefficiencies in the market that can deliver strong returns in both #bull and #bear #markets is having an experienced manager. More at @private wealth magazine – how to earn, how to invest, how to live:


For the run-down on distressed securities and how to approach investing in them, check out @Nasdaq and see why it’s vital to do your homework and know what you’re buying:


Thank you to @Steve Garmhausen for sharing the expert opinion of our #Founder @George Schultze. Check out his article in @Barron’s as they recently connected to discuss where the future of cryptocurrency in the U.S. is heading. As an asset class likely here to stay, #Crypto could benefit from a period of #regulation. For more: 


Founder & Managing Member George Schultze shares insight into three recent major bankruptcies, as he outlooks other companies on the verge of distress and possibly heading into Chapter 11. @Forbes for the full article: 


Our Founder & Managing Partner George Schultze joined @slwcheong on Singapore’s Breakfast Show on @moneyfm893 to start their morning discussing movement in the S&P 500, Fed rate hikes, and his expectations within the Equity & Fixed Income markets. Listen: 


Founder & Managing Member George Schultze considers the current similarities that reflect the 2008 banking crisis as the fair market value of fixed-income securities declines due to the Fed raising interest rates to control inflation. Latest in @Forbes:


Check out our #Founder and #MagagingMember @George Schultze’s latest @Forbes article as he dives into current problems the banking #sector is facing including carrying significant unrealized losses and other aspects that are leading to a more favorable market for astute #distressed securities investors, reminding us of 2008:


@NPetallides from @TDAmeritradeNetwork spoke with George Schultze about his perception of the banking crisis, if the Fed might pause rate hikes, and how the debt ceiling is a sign of risk. Watch:


@George Schultze joined @TDAmeritradeNetwork’s @Nicole Petallides to share his insights on how the market rally is being led by regional banks and Apple earnings, when the Fed might pause rate hikes, and how the debt ceiling fight will impact markets. More here: #Markets #TheFed #InterestRates

Schultze Asset Management Named to List of Best Financial Advisory Firms by USA Today

RYE BROOK, N.Y.April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Schultze Asset Management, LP, an investment firm specializing in financially troubled and distressed companies, has been named to USA Today‘s list of the Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023. This prestigious list was created by USA Today and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider, to help individuals secure the financial guidance they need in this time of stock market volatility and an uncertain economy. The full list of 500 firms can be viewed on the USA Today website.


It’s that time! Our Founder & Managing Member George Schultze’s latest @Forbes article is out and touches on the effects caused by the massive spike in #InterestRates, including the recent banking crisis and raised demand for cash:


As we begin Q2 our #Founder and #ManagingMember @George Schultze reflects on a rather chaotic first quarter of the year, as he dives into the #BankingCrisis and the emergence of the Bank Term Funding Program (#BTFP) as it relates to the back-and-forth #easing and #tightening from the #Fed. @Forbes for more:

Bankruptcies are truly roaring back. “The cost of borrowing for highly leveraged companies is high,” notes George Schultze, founder of Schultze Asset Management, an investment firm specializing in distressed securities. “There are fewer economic activities, incomes have dropped,” he continues. “Operating costs are going up because of bottlenecks in transportation, supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine, and finally, the extremely low-interest rate ended last year.”

Bankruptcy’s Roaring Return | Global Finance Magazine

Fed Alarms at SVB Began More Than Year Ago – Bloomberg

George discussing the current banking situation:

The Clock Is Ticking for Sale of SVB’s Wealth Management Unit

For Over 25 Years, I’ve Seen The Same Financial Mistakes Repeated

There’s a certain herd mentality in investing, and when times are uncertain, it doesn’t take much to get the herd to stampede. That’s what happened to Silicon Valley Bank (SVBVB +1%), resulting in the second-largest bank failure in US history. Its stock price collapsed and likely won’t trade ever again, even though it was trading at over $267/share.


There is a lot of talk about the fall of #siliconvalleybank, which has resulted in the second-largest #bank failure in US history. Read George Schultze’s latest @Forbes article to see why he thinks things went south.

TD Ameritrade:

Starting off the week strong, our very own Founder & Managing Member @George Schultze joined @Renita Young on @TD Ameritrade to share insight on the Fed and why we at Schultze Asset Management expect to continue to see inflationary trends

CHK & WLL: The Outlook For The Energy Market

NASDAQ Trade Talks:

Our Founder & Managing Member @George Schultze joined @Jill Malandrino on @Nasdaq Trade Talks to share insights about how to add more value to your money and how investing in certain bonds can guarantee a loss after inflation:


Founder @George Schultze’s newest @Forbes article discusses #Fed #InterestRates and predictions of what could happen next.

Founder and Managing Member George Schultze’s latest @Forbes article predicts even more turmoil in the retail space this year. The full article below:

Bloomberg Radio:

Big thank you to @CarolMassar and @JessicaMenton for having our Founder & Managing Member @GeorgeSchultze on @BloombergRadio to discuss the current state of the markets including the banking situation, asserting that it’s frankly a systemic problem:


We’re also happy to share the Barron’s article from this week featuring George discussing the current banking situation: The Clock Is Ticking for Sale of SVB’s Wealth Management Unit[/vc_column_text]

Economic data is looking positive with GDP up 6.6% and jobless claims down. Yet George Schultze says with extreme monetary and fiscal measures, we’re seeing a lot of inflation, with a big risk of that inflation not being transitory. To hedge your portfolio against inflation, he recommends investing in long-term value companies. See which companies he’s interested in now on TD Ameritrade:

Founder, George Schultze joins Bloomberg News to discuss opportunities in distressed markets and municipal bonds. With distressed bonds only representing 2% of the high yield index, he looks for companies that were distressed or had distressed debt, i.e.: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which restructured their debt and is well positioned for the future. Listen here:

As the economy continues to recover, default rates are considerably low. Where’s the investing opportunity? CEO George Schultze says to look at companies like GM and HTZZ.  What his insights on @TD Ameritrade:

Another great discussion with Nicole Petallides!  Meme stocks are all the rage now, but they’re inflating the value of companies like AMC and GME.  George Schultze discusses this trend on @TD Ameritrade Network:

CEO George Schultze had a great discussion with Bloomberg News, Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec about distressed assets in today’s market.  Listen to it here:

Today our Founder George Schultze discussed the Election2020 results, the polls and opportunities he sees in the markets with Nasdaq  Trade Talk’s Jill Malandrino. []

Covid-19 has tested many companies to meet their balance sheet obligations. Today, our Founder, George Schultze caught up with TD Ameritrade Network to discuss where he sees opportunities.

George Schultze’s interview on @TD Ameritrade Network [] where he discusses opportunities in distressed stocks, short sell stock picks and companies with bankruptcy woes such as Hertz. []


Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. Announces a Definitive Agreement to Combine with Clever Leaves, a Large-Scale Pharmaceutical-Grade Multi-National Cannabis Operator.

Project Novel Transaction Announcement Press Release Final


Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. Announces Non-Binding Letter of Intent for a Business Combination with Clever Leaves

In today’s Bloomberg News CEO George Schultze discusses the possible bankruptcy of Hertz and its risk of facing “No-Coupon-At-All” status.

George Schultze and Leah Duncan from Reuters TV sat down recently to discuss the possibility of a recession and what stocks to keep an eye on for short selling. []

George Schultze, met with Cheddar TV to discuss SoftBank’s reported plans to take over WeWork and the latest Q3 earnings reports. []

Today’s Money Life podcast with Chuck Jaffe featured George Schultze who chatted about some stocks he would buy / sell and ways to make money from corporate distress. Listen here: []

George Schultze, connected with Nicole Petallides, Anchor of The Watch List on TD Ameritrade Network this afternoon. He shared his insights on shorting the market bubble, the wework IPO, interest rates and more. To see the full interview, click here: []

George Schultze on CBC Arabia 6/27/19

George Schultze on CNBC Arabia 5/12/19

George Schultze on CNBC 4/23/19

George Schultze on CNBC Arabia 3/19/19

George on CNBC Arabia 2/26/19

George Schultze on CNBC Arabia 1/23/19


Permission to Succeed Podcast

On this podcast, George Schultze gets personal about his professional journey in investing and discusses his firm’s expertise as an event-driven and distressed securities manager.

Bloomberg Radio

Check out George Schultze’s latest appearance on Bloomberg Radio, where he discusses the latest market trends, Tesla and coal companies to keep an eye on.  Listen to the full segment here:

Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. , announces the closing of $130 Million Initial Public Offering.

Bloomberg Radio “Daybreak Asia”

Check out George Schultze’s latest appearance on Bloomberg Radio “Daybreak Asia”, during which he speaks about trade talks, the health of the US economy, distressed investing, the rising rate environment, and more. Listen to the full segment here:

Bloomberg Radio

George Schultze joins Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg Radio to discuss the distressed equities and debt markets, including Tesla and specific opportunities in coal and telecom. Listen to the segment online here:

Bloomberg Radio

Check out George Schultze’s latest appearance on Bloomberg Radio, during which he speaks with hosts Bryan Curtis and Doug Krizner about trade war concerns, economic volatility, distressed investing, the virtues of active management, and more. Listen to the full segment here.

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George Schultze Featured on Bloomberg Radio: 

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