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George J. Schultze
Mr. Schultze is Managing Member and Founder of Schultze Asset Management, LP.  He chairs Schultze Asset Management, LP Investment and Strategy Committees and, together with his team, makes the final decision on all investments for the portfolio.

Mr. Schultze previously served on the following boards and committees:

American Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. – Chair of Bondholders’ Committee
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. – Ad Hoc Committee of Debt Holders
Atkins Nutritional – Ad Hoc Bank Lenders’ Committee
Breed Technologies, Inc. – Trust Beneficiaries’ Ad Hoc Committee
Chrysler – Committee of Non-TARP 1st Lien Lenders
Collins & Aikman Corp. — Ad Hoc Bank Lender’s Committee
Fabrikant Inventory, LLC – Board of Directors
Fabrikant Receivables, LLC – Board of Directors
General Chemical Group, Inc. – Official Bondholders’ Committee
Hedge Fund Association- Board of Directors
Horizon Natural Resources – Pre-petition Senior Lenders’ Committee
Interstate Bakeries Corp. – Ad Hoc Senior Lenders’ Committee
Interstate Bakeries Corp. – Ad Hoc Trade Claim Committee
Le Nature’s Inc. – Ad Hoc Committee of Secured Lenders
M. Fabrikant & Sons, Inc. — Bank Lender’s Committee
Power Plumbing GP, Inc. – Board of Directors                                                                                                      Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp.-Chairman of Board, 2018
Tropicana Entertainment Opco – Secured Lenders’ Steering Committee
Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc. – Post-petition Lender’s Committee
Tweeter NewCo, LLC – Board of Directors
Twinlab Corp. – Ex Officio Bondholders’ Committee
United Airlines – Ad Hoc Municipal Bondholders’ Committee (JFK Facility)
US Timberlands – Ad Hoc Bondholders’ Committee
Washington Group International – Class 7 Claim Holders Ad Hoc Committee
Werner Holding Co., Inc. – Board of Directors
Werner Holding Co., Inc. – Second Lien Bank Debt Committee
Whitehall Jeweller’s Case – Chief Liquidating Officer for Fabrikant Claimants                                      WWHC, Ltd, December 2012

Mr. Schultze currently serves on the following boards and committees:

Schultze Master Fund, Ltd, February 2004                                                                                                                    Schultze Offshore Fund, Ltd, February 2004                                                                                                              Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. II-Chairman of Board, 2021                                            Tropicana Entertainment Litigation Trust Subcommittee, July 2009

Mr. Schultze is widely recognized as an expert on distressed and special situations investing and is often quoted in the media regarding high profile reorganization cases. He is author of The Art of Vulture Investing (Wiley Finance)  and is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and graduate schools such as Harvard Business School .  Prior to founding the General Partner, he honed his activist distressed investing approach with MD Sass.  Before that, he was employed with Fiduciary Partners fund of funds, the Mayer Brown & Platt law firm, and Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Schultze is a joint graduate of Columbia Business School and Columbia Law School , JD/MBA.  He founded the Columbia Law School Investment Club and served as editor for The Columbia Business Law Review.  He also authored several papers including: Negotiating the TWA Bankruptcy Restructuring, Tax Factors and ERISA Implications of Corporate Restructurings, and International Banking Law.  While at Columbia , he placed 2nd in the 1995 business school annual stock-picking contest.

Mr. Schultze earned a BA from Rutgers College where he graduated with a joint major in Economics/Political Science and the Henry Rutgers Scholar distinction.  While at Rutgers, he won The Wall Street Journal Award for Excellence in Economics and placed 23rd nationwide (from over 14,000 participants) and first place at Rutgers in the 1991 AT&T Annual Stock Picking Contest.

Although born and raised in the U.S.A. , Mr. Schultze is fluent in German and Spanish.

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