Bloomberg: It Took the Market 30 Minutes to Digest Trump Jr. Email Drama[]

Amid the release of emails by Donald Trump Jr., the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped about 160 points in 20 minutes, according to Elena Popina and Oliver Renick at Bloomberg News. George Schultze also weighs in on the situation. Be sure to follow the link for the full article.

Forbes: Trump Expansion Slow To Start, But Economy Continues To Grow

In his latest article for Forbes, George Schultze discusses why, amid the Fed’s slow-but-steady tightening and the U.S. government’s slow-but-likely fiscal expansion and tax cuts, he expects the U.S. economy to keep growing. Additionally, George delves into why lower default rates do not necessarily translate into fewer distressed securities opportunities. Be sure to read the full article for more insights.[]

Forbes: GM Looks Good, but the Markets Don’t Seem to Care

Regardless of the industry or strength of a company following a reorganization, it can take the markets a considerable amount of time to warm up to a reorganized entity. With this in mind, George Schultze makes the case for General Motors, and why it remains one of the market’s fundamentally undervalued companies.[]


Forbes:To Succeed In Investing, You Have to Know When To Cut Losses

In his Forbes article, George Schultze explores why it’s critical for money managers to have an exit strategy in in place as a check on their fundamental analysis – regardless of how good their fundamental valuation skills may be. To read more about this, and how it fits in with the 80/20 rule, click the link below.